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Grilled Salmon Marinated with Miso

Recipe from Tatsuya Wakuda
3 x 200g salmon fillet
250g white miso
equal proportion of sake & mirin
grated garlic
grated ginger
olive oil
orange zest
To make the marinate, bring sake and mirin mixture to boil and leave it  for 10 to 20 seconds to remove the alcohol.
Let it cool and combine it with the white miso.
Season with pepper, garlic, ginger, olive oil and orange zest.
Mix it well.
Spread half of the marinate on the base of a deep tray.
Place the salmon fillet on top of the marinate.
Spread the remaining marinate on top of the salmon fillet.
Cling wrap the tray and refrigerate it for about 24 to 36 hours.
Remove the marinate from the salmon fillet and transfer it to a baking tray.
Preheat the grill.
Place the baking tray on the middle rack and grill it for 5 to 6 minutes.
Transfer it to the top rack to colour it.
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Tamago Yaki

Recipe from momofukufor2 
3 eggs
1 tablespoon mirin
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon light soy sauce
Crack your eggs and lightly mix them.
Tip: You don’t want to incorporate air into them so the best way is to use chopsticks: stir them gently without whipping, but make sure that the eggs and yolks are completely homogeneous.
Add the mirin, sugar and soy and gently mix in.
Use a paper towel to evenly spread a bit of oil in your pan.
Heat it on medium low heat, then add the eggs so they cover the bottom of the pan.
After 2-3 minutes, the egg will start to cook and solidify.
The eggs don’t need to be entirely cooked, in fact, they should be a tiny bit moist on top so that the egg sticks to itself.
Using chopsticks or a spatula, fold the egg over onto itself twice, like how you would fold a letter into thirds.
Don’t flip the eggs, just push them to the end of the pan.
Use your oily paper towel to spread a tiny bit more oil in the pan and add a bit more of the eggs.
Lift up the log of already cooked eggs so that the raw eggs are touching them.
When the new layer of egg is almost cooked, fold the eggs over onto themselves again.
Repeat until all the eggs are used.
Wrap in cling wrap and using a sushi mat, press the tamago into a rectangle shape.
Let cool completely and slice
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