Gold Kiwi Pudding with Sago

Recipe from ieatishootipost
3 Gold Kiwi
1/4 Cup Pearl Sago
200ml milk
100ml Evaporated milk
2 Tablespoon Custard Powder
2 Tablespoon sugar (adjust to taste)
Vanilla essence
To make sago
Rinse sago and add to pot of boiling water.
Bring to boil then turn off heat and leave for 20 minutes.
Bring water to boil again and cook until sago is transparent.
Rinse in cold water and set in fridge.
To make custard
Add 25ml of milk to custard powder and sugar and dissolve.
Bring the rest of the milk and evaporated milk to boil.
Slowly whisk the custard powder mixture into the hot milk and bring to boil.
Add a few drops of vanilla essence to taste.
Chill in fridge.
To assemble
Cube the Kiwi.
Save some of the Kiwifruit for the topping and place the rest in a Ziploc bag.
Use your hands to crush the kiwifruit into a puree.
Tip: You can also use a blender if you wish, but the seeds will get cut and it will not taste as nice.
Add equal amounts of the chilled Custard into the Ziploc bag and mix.
You can now leave the bag of Custard in the fridge to chill.
When ready to serve, spoon the sago into a glass.
Cut the corner off the Ziploc bag and pipe the Kiwifruit Custard into the glass.
Top with cubed Kiwi
Serves 2.
Will SHE make it again?
SHE don’t think so.

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