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Raisin Bread

Recipe from toshiba
100g plain flour
2g dry yeast
5g honey
2g salt
60ml milk
10g butter, melted
vegetable oil
Mix flour,  yeast, salt and raisin together in a bowl.
Mix in milk, butter and honey.
Place the mixture on the table and knead it into a rounded dough.
Grease the inner pot of the rice cooker with vegetable oil and place the dough in the pot.
Tip: it is easier to ferment a rounded dough and the distribution of heat will be more even.
Ferment it for 60 minutes in the rice cooker using the fermentation function.
After the fermentation is completed, open the lid and allow the dough to expand for 2 minutes.
Punch the centre of the dough, releasing the gas trapped in the dough.
Take the dough out and knead it into a ball again.
Place it back into the greased inner pot.
Ferment it for another 30 mintues.
Remove the steam vent before baking the dough for 40 minutes.
Makes 1
Will SHE make it again?

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